Weightlifting shoes have a raised heel. This is a massive advantage, as it allows you to squat into a deeper position through increased ankle range of motion.

This will help you to improve your overall position too, as you’ll find yourself sitting more upright. A more upright torso means more chance of keeping hold of that barbell and sending it in the right direction – up! This heel also allows you to activate far more of your musculature to send that bar upwards.

Bodybuilders are split with some believing belts essential for both safety and performance reasons and others believing them to actually INCREASE your risk of injury over time. 

Belt Pros:

  • May help prevent injury to the low back during heavy lifts.
  • Can increase performance.

Belt Cons:

  • Might inhibit motor learning in the abdominal muscles.
  • Lower Back might not get as strong.

By: Chet Morjaria, Coach